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Typical Dustop Components

Digital Ammeter with Relay Card

The motor on the conveyor or elevator leg to be sprayed is monitored for amp draw when empty. When the material flow increases the amp draw, the relay trips and starts the spray of oil. As the flow stops, the amp draw drops below the preset and the flow of oil stops.

System Cabinet

The cabinet dimensions are:  30"wide x 17"deep x 21"tall.  The motor is a ½ HP TEFC motor (NOT Class II G).

Mechanical Flow Meter

Measures the gallon per minute flow to ensure proper flow rate. Mounts on each discharge on the main unit. 1/4" NPT fittings

Solenoid (Class II Group G)

Located near the spray point, the solenoid opens or closes to control the oil flow to each outlet. 1/2"NPT fittings

Spray Lance Assembly

Includes mounting bracket, check valve - nozzle - 18" of 3/8" hose and inline strainer

Spray Point Heaters

Necessary when spraying vegetable oil in colder climates - NEMA 4/7  1 or 3 phase 1/2" NPT fittings