Hammermill Diagram2Hammermill Screens and Replacement Parts

Specializing in perforated metal, Edward J. Heck & Sons Co. will provide your company with full sheets or pieces cut and fabricated to your specifications. We manufacture a wide variety of precision-perforated products for industrial and commercial applications. With our large stock of perforated products, we assure quick shipment and competitive pricing along with service you can trust.

Over the past 60 years, we have developed a specialized expertise in hammermill hammers. Hammers may be provided in different sizes and styles of hardfacing. Used together, our hammers and rods will give you the maximum wear-life available. Edward J. Heck & Sons Co. will assure the best performance from your equipment.

To assist you in purchasing the correct screens, consider the following specifications:

  • Mill manufacturer
  • Mill model
  • Perforation (hole size)
  • Gauge (Thickness)
  • Material (Carbon steel, stainless, etc.)
  • Width
  • Outside length
  • Chord Length
  • Angles, bars, etc.
  • Flats (length, one or both ends)