4B Hazard Monitoring Products


Whirligig Bracket
Your sensor mounts to the Whirligig and the assembly then bolts (or uses a mag-con connector) to the conveyor shaft.

Watchdog Super Elite WDC4
Watchdog Elite

Microprocessor based controlled unit with combined belt speed, belt alignment, bearing temperature, pulley alignment, and plugged condition monitoring for bucket elevators and conveyors.

T400 Elite - Hotbus

This serial communication system monitors up to 256 sensors, including continuous bearing temperature and belt misalignment. Includes shutdown capability, PLC/PC compatibility, logging and trending software.

Autoset Level Indicator

RF capacitance point level indicator with push button calibration and material build up compensator.


The binswitch detects capacitance proxy level for bulk granular solids or liquids in tanks, bins or silos, and can be used as a plug or choke detector in chutes, conveyors and elevator legs.

Roto-Level Indicators

Incorporates a sensor to detect that the paddle is rotating for failsafe monitoring.

bolt n go
Bolt N Go

Link and flight assembly is made easy by using a standard bolt and mechanical lock nut with a high strength hollow pin to attach the flight to the chain.

M800 Elite Speed Switch
M800 Elite Speedswitch

The unit uses an induction sensing device and requires no contact with the monitored machine. By detecting a metal target, the M800 is able to calibrate to the machine’s normal RPM, and if the shaft speed falls too low the unit will alarm.


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